Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tasty Thursday: Dark Chocolate Peanut Caramel Cups

These are soo yummy!  I love the fact that I can have 3 of them and they are only 110 calories for ALL 3*!!!

What you'll need:

  • 1 scoop ViShake Protein Mix
  • 2 Tablespoons Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate cocoa powder
  • 2Tablespoons PB2 powdered peanut butter (you can use regular peanut butter, but that does increase the calorie and fat in these.)
  • 1 Tablespoon Walden Farms carmel dip
1.  In a small bowl, mix protein powder and cocoa powder with a little water (keep on adding about a teaspoon at a time) until you get a sludgy mixture.

2.  In another small bowl, combine 2 Tablespoons PB2 powder with 1 Tablespoon Walden Farms Carmel Dip.

3.  Using foil muffin cups or silicone baking cups, placed in a muffin pan, add a layer of the chocolate mixture.  Next, add a layer of the peanut butter/caramel mixture.  Finally add the top layer of chocolate.  Repeat with remaining cups.

4.  Place the muffin pan in the freezer for about 30mintures or until the chocolate has hardened.


* I use ViShake Mix - 1 scoop (45 calories)
2 Tbsp Dark Chocolate Powder (20 calories)
1 Tbsp Carmel dip (0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Chose Body By Vi

Yeah, yeah here I go again....another time around with the blog.  Another time around with a company.  Third times a charm!

Why did I chose to do the Body By Vi Challenge?  Why did it spark my interest more than Advocare, Isagenix, Shakeology, and Herbalife?

I'll give you 10 Reasons... (In no particular order)

1. I spend $100 on protein shakes a month anyways.

Personally I have always made protein shakes part of my overall diet.  I spend about $100+ a month on protein so having a $100 auto-ship of protein saves me a trip to GNC once a month!  It's important to me to be involved with a company that offers a product that gives value and helps people.  There are so many testimonials about this product on the internet that you cannot deny the social proof!

2. The taste is so good!

I get to eat and drink great tasting meals and shakes. These are unlike many other fitness meal plans that I've tasted that are bland and unpleasant on the tastebuds.  That way you can enjoy the process of getting fit!  Another thing that is really cool about the Body By Vi Shake is that after you drink it I was exceptionally full.  I originally asked for a sample from my upline Theresa who is a Presidential Director.  After I drank it and tasted how good it was and how full I got, I knew this was for real!

3. I got my money worth!  

The future of web technology is at your hands, when you join the Body by Vi Challenge a customized website is built for you. In addition to your website, you have meal plans designed to meet your goal and workout plans, which are well worth the cost and implement the Body By Vi Challenge.  Moreover, they are very affordable when compared to several other meal plans. When you invite 3 friends to join the Body By Vi Challenge with you, your next kit is Free! Overall this challenge is an investment for your good health. So, take on the Body By Vi challenge and bring a qualitative improvement in your health and fitness in the most delicious manner.

4. Nothing tastes better than FREE!  

Don't you agree?!  When I was researching other companies, Visalus was the only one that gave you the opportunity to get your shake mix for FREE!  So I'm not even spending $100 on protein shakes - I'M SAVING MONEY!

5. It's low in sugar.  

Yep, <1g of sugar...holla! Sugar whether it's in fruit form or candy form your body doesn't know the difference and if you consume too much sugar it becomes belly fat.  My kids (love them to death!) did enough damage on my tummy I don't need any more belly fat!  People shun at Splenda but there is such a small amount it's harmless. (Ask me for proof, I can send you the info!) Google, Bing, Swagbucks (however you surf the net!) the natural sugars...stevia, truvia, agave, the hype isn't too great about those sugars either, just saying...

6. It's SO easy!

 I’m sure that if you have a Facebook account that you've seen at least one of your friends talking about “the challenge“.  In the rare case that you have not, the Body By Vi Challenge, is a 90 day transformation designed to improve your health, help you lose weight, and get fit all at the same time. I CANNOT do a cleanse, tried and failed.  The best part of the challenge is that it is very simple. Not only that, but it is also fun and it saves you money.

7. 90 day money back guarantee!  

If you don't lose weight, you get your money back!  You really have nothing to lose!

8.  They know how to make their shake mix!  

A lot of other companies boast about how many more vitamins they have compared to another.  But your body can only absorb so many vitamins at one time, take too many vitamins at once and you have some EXPENSIVE pee.  With Visalus, I don't have to worry about peeing out the vitamins/protein my body can't consume at one time!

9. It fits in my schedule!

I can make Vi pancakes or just have a quick shake depending on my schedule for the day.  They are easy to make.  I never get bored because the possibilities are ENDLESS!  Like I said previously, there is no cleanse.  For me a cleanse is a starting point for me to fail.  You just shake and drink 2 times a day and have supper with your family at night and you are not missing a thing!   I can put fruit in it, peanut butter in it, whatever I am craving!  My kids love the taste of these too!  I can't believe how much ENERGY I have!

10.  The Body By Vi Support Groups are AMAZING!!!

The support group we have on Facebook is BEYOND amazing and SO supportive of ANY goals you have with Visalus!

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, or just get more active, ViSalus™ has products, tools, and information to help you achieve your goals!

Join ME on the 90 Day Challenge TODAY!  

I'm so happy I started this challenge.  It's not just a challenge to me it's a new lifestyle!  I want to see what my body is capable of doing, I know this path was right for me!