ViSalus Bragging Rights

1. The growth and momentum sustainable! Over 67,000 signs up in august, Over 81,000 joined in September, 3000% growth and plans for launching in Asia, UK and Australia in the future, this company is not going anywhere.
2. How many people that qualify for their BMW, qualify for it more than just for the 1st month.
  • The BMW bonus is a lifetime bonus, team volume of 12,500 gets you the monthly $600 bonus. In the last 90 days over 1800 BMW’S have been earned.
3. Visalus Sciences has the Body by VI 90 Day Challenge. It is a proven nutrition and weight loss system that has helped participants to lose more than 2.5 million pounds in the last 12 months alone.
4. It is designed to save participants money on the grocery bills.
5. We have great tasting products that can also expanded based on personal preferences.
6. We were chosen as the number 1 home nutrition company out of 634 worldwide.
7. We have the 1.6 Billion dollar Blythe company as a strategic business partner to help with worldwide expansion.
8. Our scientific board is made up of doctors in the top 1% of their respective fields.
9. Our comp plan is made to benefit at all levels not just the “Heavy Hitters” although there are some really nice bonuses for them also.
10. You can qualify for a FREE BMW at just the second level of the comp plan.
11. You get your product for FREE at the first level of the comp plan. That means you don’t continue paying out every month to qualify for commission. (this alone has led to a 100% retention rate for those that reach the first level)
12. More than 90% of new distributors reach the first level within 30 days of starting the Challenge.
13. We are a 5 year old multi-million dollar company that is just poised to hit our stride.
14. We have experienced double digit growth every month for the last year.
15. ViSalus is currently averaging well over 1,000 new members per DAY joining the company’s Body by Vi Challenge.
16. ViSalus’ momentum curve started in 2010. From Jan – Nov 2010, ViSalus grew between 10% to 55% over the previous month’s sales volumes! That’s 11 months straight of double digit compounded monthly growth, proving the business model to be extremely sustainable.
17. This Video reviews ViSalus 2010 Growth Data:
18. ViSalus Received a Global Industry Award from Direct Selling News based on its 2010 growth.
19 ViSalus’ momentum has continued to build in 2011, with an average 20% month over month growth in Q1 and Q2.
20. This Video reviews Q1 2011 ViSalus Growth Data: Watch:
21. Company is attracting a very diverse group of promoters, including Hulk Hogan, college students, Nationwide Gym Chains, stay at home parents, Fitness Legends, retired couples, Celebrities, business executives, Professional Athletes, and everyone in between.
22. View Video of Hulk Hogan at a ViSalus Event: Watch:
23. ViSalus has a growing presence in virtually every U.S. State and Canadian Province. Average Age of a Challenge Promoter is 43.
24. New Rank promotions at an all time company high. Over 130 people hold the position of Ambassador at the top of the compensation plan.
25. Top Income earners are now earning over $120,000/ month. (Results not typical)
26. Company is averaging over $400 in product revenue per Distributor due to an average of 6 Customers per every 1 Distributor.
27. Retention levels at an all time high. Body by Vi Kit Customers are retaining an average of 25% higher than any other customer in company’s 5 year history. 100% of Distributors who achieve the “Refer 3, Get your next month free” promotion remain Active.
28. Company passed the 3,000 mark in BMW qualifiers and is averaging over 10 new BMW Qualifiers per DAY.
29. ViSalus has launched new Super Star Bonus Program, ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000 in bonus above and beyond the compensation plan.
30. The Body by Vi Challenge has helped people lose approximately 4 Million pounds in under 2 years.

Please contact Naomi Oesau directly if you have more questions or are ready to jump on board.  I would love the opportunity to work with you personally.

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